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Schulwandbild Wall Picture Washable Schiefertuchtafel Technical Drawing 104x126

Schulwandbild Wall Picture Washable Schiefertuchtafel Technical Drawing 104x126

Schulwandbild Wall Picture Washable Schiefertuchtafel Technical Drawing 104x126
Schulwandbild Wall Picture Washable Schiefertuchtafel Technical Drawing 104x126. The description of this item has been automatically translated. See in the list under no. L131 washable slate sheet Technical drawing (ME114). 30 - 50 - 100 pieces of school wall maps, depending on the distance to me, effort!

200 wall maps are offered, which are definitely available from the same publisher in different editions. Measure plus 20cm for the bars on the left and right, total height measures 2. Measure plus 5cm for both bars together. Graying the hair (DE102) Chart 7, Schwarzkopf, metal rods, 78x116cm.

The hair coloring instruction board 6 (DE82), Schwarzkopf, slightly defective, 79x117cm. The history of the brick (DE4), broken, 64x87cm. Sounding together of the brick layers according to the new mass order (DE96), slightly defective, 90x59cm.

The digestive organs (DE69) Dr te Neues, approx. Basic geographic terms Part 2 (89) Stockmann, 161x121cm, total length 175.

History of the architectural styles 6 Baroque (K69), publishing house for modern work equipment Gelsenkirchen, 80x116cm. History of the architectural styles 8 present (K42), publishing house for modern work equipment Gelsenkirchen, 80x116cm. History of mankind (HD88), Jaeger, variant with an airplane, broken on the top right, glued on the bottom, therefore not rolled out, good, 156x207cm. Handmade yarns for crochet for knitting (DE46) Schürer, top condition, 138x93cm. In the Roman Empire at the time of the Emperor Augustus (HD158) Dr te Neues, damaged top left, 98x69cm.

Inca city Macchu Picchu (HD138) Westermann, 76x51cm. Lively Citizenship T3 Structure of the Federal Republic of Germany (HD153), Hagemann, slightly defective at the top, 116x81cm.

Wall thicknesses (brick DIN105) (DE107) water-stained, lower rod missing, 64x87cm. Standard script with transformation numbers (DE38) MAIER Schwenningen vocational school teaching aids, 120x77cm.

Typical village street in Felsöszentrivan Hungary (G72) Westermann, 72x52cm. Periodic table of the elements (HD37), Velcro, 1960s, with small pictures of the probably occurring in natural form, 194x131cm.

Settlement to the younger Stone Age (HD151), the same rod as above as seen below, damage on the top right, thereby the bracket for the photo, 98x75cm. Our body Table 2 The digestive tract of food (DE52) Hagemann, ok, 1 hole above middle, 166x114cm. Our body panel 3 breathing and blood circulation (OL76) Hagemann, badly broken at the top, 165x114cm. Our body Table 7 The healthy teeth and the consequences of lack of care (BR33) Hagemann, aluminum paneling, 165x115cm. Brick formats (DE105) lower rod missing, 64x88cm. Gallery forest near Nairobi (G74) Westermann, 72x51cm.

Copper mine in Katanga (G27) Westermann, 72x51cm. Crater landscape in the Marra Mountains (southern Sahara) (G56), Westermann, 72x50cm. Game reserve in the Etocha pan / South West Africa (G27) Westermann, 72x51cm. On the Fanning Island Gilbert Archipelago (Micronesia) (G11) Westermann, 51x74cm.

Cotter Dam at Canberra (G73) Westermann, 71x52cm. Bottle tree on the road to Alpin in Queensland (G62) Westermann, 71x51cm. Gold coast at Surfers Paradise / Queensland (G63) Westermann, 72x52cm. Cable car in the Blue Mountains / New South Wales (G41) Westermann, 71x51cm. Lake Tekapo in the New Zealand Alps (G36) Westermann, 72x51cm.

Wine growing in South Australia G60, Westermann, 72x51cm. Allgäu farms near Oberstaufen (G84) Westermann, 72x51cm.

Bridge over Fehmarn Sound (G35) Westermann, 72x51cm. Vischering Castle in Münsterland (G31) Westermann, 72x51cm. Danube breakthrough at Weltenburg Abbey (G57) Westermann, 72x51cm. Hop growing near Wolnzach (G59) Westermann, 72x51cm. Karwendel Mountains near Mittenwald (G70) Westermann, 72x51cm. Lahnmühle in Argenstein near Marburg (G43) Westermann, 72x51cm.

Land reclamation on the North Sea coast (G52) Westermann, 72x51cm. Farm farms in the Old Country (G76) Westermann, 72x51cm.

Pottenstein in Franconian Switzerland (G17) Westermann, 72x51cm. Hamburg with harbor (RU104) Westermann, 75x51cm, aluminum paneling. Black Forest house in Gutachtal near Hossberg (G1) Westermann, 52x70cm. Steep coast of the island of Sylt (G10) Westermann, 52x70cm. Coast of the Virgin Island St.

Organ pipe cactus in Mexico (G26) Westermann, 72x51cm. Popocatepetl / Mexico (G5) Westermann, 52x70cm. Descent of the Yugoslav Karst into the sea (G29) Westermann, 72x51cm. Budapest with Danube / Hungary (G23), Westermann, 72x52cm. Kirchburg Birthälm Transylvania / Romania (G58) Westermann, 72x52cm.

Landscape on the Danube Delta (G61) Westermann, 72x52cm. Landscape at Narew / Poland (G67) Westermann, 72x52cm. Landscape on the Warthe near Sieradz / Poland (G81), Westermann, 72x52cm.

Vitus Cathedral / Czechoslovakia (G53) Westermann, 52x71cm. Pussta with drawing fountain / Western Hungary (G71) Westermann, 72x52cm. Rice cultivation in Albania (G24) Westermann, 72x52cm. Rosenfeld in Bulgaria (G8) Westermann, 52x71cm.

Forest Carpathians / Romania (G25) Westermann, 72x52cm. Wine growing at Lake Balaton / Hungary (G15) Westermann, 72x52cm. China- Great Wall (G4) Westermann, 51x70cm.

Chinese workers building dikes (G46) Westermann, 71x51cm. Japanese women planting rice (G21) Westermann, 71x51cm.

Yurts in the Mongolian steppe (G42) Westermann, 71x51cm. Camels in the Gobi Desert (G75) Westermann, 71x51cm.

Canal street in Bangkok G69 Westermann, 51x70cm. Coconut harvest in the Philippines (G2) Westermann, 51x70cm. Crater landscape in the Tengger Mountains (G28) Westermann, 71x51cm. Beijing Forbidden City (G47) Westermann, 71x51cm. Temple buildings in Bangkok / Thailand (G12) Westermann, 71x51cm.

Houseboats in Hong Kong (G37) Westermann, 71x51cm. Housing silos in Hong Kong (G44) Westermann, 71x51cm.

Indians on the upper reaches of the Amazon (G19) Westermann, 72x52cm. Inca city Macchu Picchu / Peru (G16) Westermann, 72x51cm. Llama and alpaca herd in the Peruvian Andes (G64) Westermann, 72x52cm.

Magellan Street at Punta Arenas (G79) Westermann, 72x51cm. Herd of cattle in the Argentine Pampa (G22) Westermann, 72x51cm. Typical Andean high valley (G78) Westermann, 72x51cm. Beehive settlement in Syria (G55) Westermann, 71x51cm. River oasis in the Tal de Jordan (G49) Westermann, 71x51cm. Kantschindschinja peak in the Himalayas (G48) Westermann, 71x51cm.

Hindu temple in Patan-Nepal (G3) Westermann, 51x70cm. High steppe with lake at the kuh-i-Baba mountains / Afghanistan (G50) Westermann, 71x51cm. Jerusalem view from Mount of Olives (G20) Westermann, 71x51cm. Landscape near Beirut with Lebanon cedars (G80) Westermann, 71x51cm. Ruins of Baalbek in front of the Antilibanon Mountains (G13) Westermann, 71x51cm.

Sand dunes in the Arabian Desert (G39) Westermann, 71x51cm. Tehran with Elbrus Mountains (G51) Westermann, 71x51cm. Tuff landscape with cave dwellings in Anatolia (G32) Westermann, 71x51cm. Finnish Lake District (Lapland) (G18) Westermann, 72x50cm. France- Vintage in Champagne (G7) Westermann, 52x72cm. Italy - Bay of Naples and Vesuvius (G14) Westermann, 72x50cm. Scottish Highlands - Loch Sunart northwest Glasgow (G9) Westermann, 52x72cm. Switzerland - Wine terraces on Gener Lake (near Verey) (G40) Westermann, 72x50cm.

Spain - Castilian plateau (G30) Westermann, 72x50cm. On the history of the Egyptian hairstyle board 2a (DE81) Wella wall chart, 70x97cm.

To the history of the hairstyle Germanic board 5b (DE85) Wella wall chart, 70x97cm. On the history of the hairstyle Greeks board 3a (DE80) Wella wall chart, 70x96cm. On the history of the hairstyle Greeks plate 3b (DE83) Wella wall chart, 70x96cm. On the history of the hairstyle Römer Tafel 4b (DE58) Wella wall chart, 70x96cm. Zacharias: Emmaus-Gang (K73) wooden bars, 64x89cm.

Traffic sign map 2 (B31) Köckler / Herbern, 121x83cm. From reality to card T3 (W71) boots, 114x152cm. Percussion instruments T4 (B22) Späth / Ditzenbach, 92x61cm. Streets then and now T1 The street and its development (HD124) Tellus-Verlag, almost in excellent condition, 117x81cm.

Knight's Castle (13th century) (HD148), Dr. Te new, cracked, glued, 96x69cm.

Ore casting in the Bronze Age (HF50) Velcro, 100x78cm. Steinberger Music sheet on two sides (K101), 7 lines, top, waxed paper, 137x95cm.

White canvas Area (B8) metal bars, center eyelet, 149x151cm. (NN322) Source: Meyer Leipzig, currently without dimensions.

Adventurous conversion of raw cotton into Schürer handicraft yarns VS paper back side RS linen chop knitting (E22) each semicircular sticks, 137x94cm. Pedigree skeleton comparison Gorilla Mensch (NN323) GDR metal bar, from the beginning of my collection still without measurements. Washable slate sheet (ME73) Reinecke Leipzig / Makkleberg, 150x125cm, RS blue cloth, heavy approx. Washable slate sheet (205 purple) for Russian script 1 line more in the ruling than for German. Washable slate sheet (ME114) technical drawing, just under 5cm grid, 104x126cm.

Just keywords IGN Perthes Haack Darmstadt Flemming Klasing Gaebler Gotha Westermann etc. And the titles following development of the brain grass snake domestic pigeon Europe at the time of migration and Formation of states (375-580) Europe at the time of the HohenstaufenFriedrichs 2. Southeast Asia Orient and the Middle East Oil plants Vegetable oils Margarine Northwest Germany North Sea countries Soil shape North Sea Oil and natural gas Environmental pollution Northern Europe phys. Moscow and surrounding area Inner City Kremlin North America Rhineland-Palatinate Saarland Government district Detmold Polar World Map North Asia (USSR) Palestine historical Eastern settlement Crusades Hanseatic Central Europe Peoples Languages Eastern hemisphere polit.

Switzerland United States of America Economy USA political structure Our Earth in space General map of the Greater German Empire General map of the German Empire Turkey physical map German / Turkish Cretaceous animals 2 The British Isles / The Tenses 8 tenses Southwest Germany Phys. Eastern Europe after the 30 Years' War European mission and human-like forms from the ice age Flash card from North Rhine-Westphalia Flash card Europe slate cloth roll card circle Höxter Flash card Africa slate cloth roll map agricultural areas of the earth Flash card road crossings Flash card from Germany circle Hoyerswerda Moscow to 2. Canada phys Catholicism Climate of the Earth Kreis Guben Kontor u. Traffic map of the German ReichThe atmosphere of the earth Air temp. In July The Hanseatic League incl.

Language: russ German low mountain range Germany in the 20th Century 6x polit. 2 (DE84), Schwarzkopf, 80x116cm L4. The history of the brick (DE4), broken, 64x87cm L14.

Monastery life (HD164), 105x69cm L21. Roman camp (HD146) 106x69cm L26.

Brick formats (DE105) lower rod missing, 64x88cm L28. Johannesburg (G82) Westermann, 72x51cm L29. Copper mine in Katanga (G27) Westermann, 72x51cm L33.

Cotter Dam at Canberra (G73) Westermann, 71x52cm L49. Rurtalsperre (G68) Westermann, 72x51cm L56. Popocatepetl / Mexico (G5) Westermann, 52x70cm L66. Rosenfeld in Bulgaria (G8) Westermann, 52x71cm L69. China- Great Wall (G4) Westermann, 51x70cm L87.

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Schulwandbild Wall Picture Washable Schiefertuchtafel Technical Drawing 104x126